Increase Productivity – Dual Monitors

Many of We Care Computers’ customers ask us for tips in improving productivity in the home and workplace. Certainly having reliable, fast, and dependable computers and networks is an essential part of making sure you work productively both at your home and office. But here’s one simple, easy tip that can dramatically improve your personal productivity.

Get another computer monitor! 

But, wait, the monitor you currently have is just fine, right? Still – get another additional computer monitor. Working with two computer monitors doubles the size of your computer “desktop”, allowing you to have more windows open at the same time, and easily handle multiple tasks (working on email, writing a report, tracking sales) simultaneously.

Various business journals and workplace consultants report increases of anywhere from 20 – 45% when you perform routine computer tasks using two monitors instead of one.
Computer monitors, in recent years, have become lighter, brighter, and more “green” efficient. Plus they’re cheaper than ever before. So why are so many employees hunched over tiny single screens and taking so long to respond to customer requests? They can’t get the information they need with a single, tiny monitor.

Even a small investment in a new 20” monitor to match the one you currently have is a small price to pay for huge benefits in productivity. The monitor will pay for itself in less than the first month of daily use!
Setting up two monitors for your computer is easy. First, simply check out the back of your computer and see if there are two monitor connections. If there are – great – you’re ready to add your second monitor.

On older desktops, there is often only one connection, but a new “video card” will add the capability to have dual monitors and the card is easy to install.
Simply hook up the monitors the way you normally do, and then open “Display Properties” on a windows machine. Click the settings tab and you should see both your monitors. Adjust screen resolution and you’re ready to start dramatically improving your productivity.

You may move programs and browser windows back and forth on both screens and can work on up to 3-4 documents simultaneously. No more hunting for lost documents – they’re right there on your screen.
Work primarily with a laptop? No problem. Most laptops are already configured for an additional monitor, and, from experience, the bigger the monitor, the better.
People who work with dual monitors report they would never go back to a single monitor – and employers who have gotten dual monitors for their employees report dramatic productivity changes, all for the positive.

Best of all, if you aren’t particularly computer savvy, just give We Care Computers a call. We will advise you on the best monitor for your budget, and install a video card if you need it.