How To Avoid Online Scams

phishing“Phishing” is a form of computer fraud where a criminal sets up an official-looking web site to deceive unsuspecting victims. The fraudster sends spam to a large number of people directing them to a spoof web site that asks for passwords or other personal information. The fraudster then uses this information to perpetrate identify theft.

How can you avoid phishing scams?

  1. Never enter personal information to a web site address that has been mailed to you.
  2. Don’t be fooled by logos. Anyone can copy a logo, especially someone who has no regard for the law.
  3. Always go to the official web site by typing its address into your browser, or finding it through Google.
  4. Install anti-spam software, or use Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email program that includes spam filtering.
  5. Do not buy things from disreputable web sites, or web sites that may not be secure.

What should you do with a phishing message, such as the one at the right? Delete it. Don’t even click the link, because the web site could have malicious code that damages your computer (especially if you have not patched your software with all the latest security fixes).

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