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Backup your computer. Data is your most valuable asset, so you need protection from accidental or intentional deletion. We recommend automatic backup software that will copy your data to an external storage device and for extra protection backing up online.



Egnyte Webinars:
Product Overview for End Users
Product Overview for Administrators
Egnyte Case Studies v.s. Dropbox


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Wccms – We Care Computers Managed Services Anti-Virus/Spyware/Remote Support/Hardware Monitoring/ And More







 Apple Clean My Mac


Microsoft Partner Support – Call office for details

Set up Wcc as Delegated Admin for MS 365 Client.  Click this link and login using client admin account

Microsoft Partner ID – Organization Partner ID: 2971477 (Internal MS id 2971476)

Office 365 Enterprise E1 ($96 per year per mailbox)
Office 365 Enterprise E3 ($240 per year per mailbox – includes office)

Office 365 Small Business Premium ($150 per year per mailbox)
Office 365 Pro Plus ($144 per year per user – only office – 1 User)

I’m in touch Download

Drivesavers -Discount Code DS13760 / (800)-440-1904

Go Daddy


RoboForm Password Manager securely stores online and offline passwords, automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click.

roboform - Send Faxes through your email



Wccms Dashboard – Gfi Dashboard

Wccms Agent 9.8.9 (PC Windows)
Wccms Agent 1.21 (Apple Mac)

MAV Install Fix

Groupspark – Control Panel – Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting (Old)
Groupspark – Control Panel – Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting (New)
GS Tools Secure Mail / Spam / Archiving



Malwarebytes Pro (Be Careful when making purchase and make sure to choose NO automatic renewal)

Go Daddy