What Our Clients Say

…When my emails shut down yesterday and my computer could not access Explorer, I was as tense as could be……my only hope was that you could send someone to help-and you did!… FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU!    I guess you see these things happen often; for me, with the market as busy as I have seen it in years, I knew I could not skip a beat in business and your wonderful business was right there to keep me going…

– J C  (Woodbridge, CT)

I honestly believed that my computer might be irreparable. I couldn’t turn it on. I couldn’t even get it into save mode. So, I thought, that if anyone could fix it, it would be quite costly. I am so satisfied. It was a lot cheaper than I expected and my computer is running smoothly! My computer is clean and even has updated virus protection. I could not be happier with the job that they did.

– D L (Hartford, CT)

I was very satisfied and will be sure to call you if needed. I forgot the gentleman who assist in making my computer work better. He even helped me with my I-Pad which I am illiterit in both computer and I-Pad. I’m keeping your phone number on hand and will tell any of my friends, if they are having trouble, to call you. Thank you.

– V C (Wethersfield, CT)

…Fantastic experience. The specialist was knowledgeable and friendly. He troubleshooted several issues we weren’t even aware of. I would give we care computers the highest possible endorsement. The other work we care did for us was similarly stellar!!! Thanks

– Dr I (Windsor, CT)

Very pleased with We Care and Tom the Tech. Nice to work with pro’s. I’ll call you first for our computer needs in the future. Thanks for the follow up. Regards

– T V (West Hartford, CT)

I just wanted to take this time and send another email thanking you for considering and using the professional courtesy of capping the labor to 1 Hour.. It was very much appreciated.

I am using the computer and it’s working perfectly.. 100%

We Care Computers has always come through when I’ve needed your services, and you have always acted and provided these services in a professional manner.

Thanks from a satisfied Customer.

– G E (West Hartford, CT)

…I am very satisfied with the customer-focused service I received.

Unlike you, very few businesses seem to genuinely CARE about what they do, how they do it, and whether or not they treat their customers as individuals. And therefore, the name of your company is quite appropriate! 🙂

– J G (South Windsor, CT)

… for the record (and you may tell this to anyone you like), I am a big fan of your company, its staff and its services.

– S R (West Hartford, CT)

… it is truly our pleasure to be able to share that space with you [Celebrate West Hartford] and be able to support each other.  We Care Computers is such a fantastic company and we are so grateful for your ongoing support of Schechter.  Thank you for all that you do! Looking forward to next year and everything in between!

– S S (West Hartford, CT)

… I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional man.  He found the problem and fixed it right away.  He also gave me a lot of pointers about viruses and ways to prevent them.  Your company should be proud to have him on your team. It isn’t easy to find people like him that customers feel comfortable with.  He certainly gives your company a good name.

– D B  (Avon, CT)

Dear Avi and We Care Computer Staff:

…. I can’t tell you how indebted I am to him and your company… Seriously, I can never express in words what it meant to get all my data back. Rafay explained the importance of a backup drive and the software that is now running (as I type) backing up all the data on my machine (which it will now do regularly)… I will be recommending you to all my friends as I tell them of my negative experience with a virus and positive experience with WE CARE COMPUTERS.

–  T L (Ellington, CT)

Dear Avi and We Care Computer Staff:

I can’t tell you how smooth our transition to our new computers was!  It was great.  From my first phone call, you were so very supportive and you know what you are talking about.  I really appreciate that.  We have had computers at our business since 1990, but I am not in tune to what I need for equipment.  You handled the install and everything was great.

 – L L (Plainville, C)

We Care Computers are professional, informative, and reliable, plus they get the job done in a timely fashion. They explained everything in terms that someone who is not a computer geek would understand. They care about their customers; there were different options available to address my laptop issues, and what I liked is that they did not try to sell me the most “expensive” option. I made out like a bandit with service that goo!!. It also doesn’t hurt that Avi and Tahl make for some good “eye candy!” Thank you We Care Computers!!!

 – N K  (Framingham, MA)

I wanted to commend the gentleman that came to our house on February 13 for doing a stellar job and having great interpersonal skills.  This was critical in communicating with my husband who is not computer savvy but enjoys learning and understanding the process as he goes along….

 – C M (Middletown, CT)

I’ve relied on you for years to help me out with all my computer needs. Between ridding my computer of viruses, fixing hardware problems and building me new computers, you’ve always come through. Thanks again for your help!

 – N M (Farmington, CT)

I appreciate your assistance in retrieving the necessary information from my ‘broken’ hard drive.  I was able to restore 6 years of Quicken data, irreplaceable photos and countless documents and e-mails.  I can’t thank you enough for your prompt and responsible service.  I will be recommending you to anyone who requires computer services.

– K W (South Canton, CT)

….I think everyone in ct should have we care computers as a vendor ….lights out follow up, lights out service,back up what they say,at the end of the day, i go home feeling very secure and comfortable that i made that call between S***s and we care computers….

– K T (South Windsor, CT)

ZC was absolutely excellent. Besides getting our laptop working, he helped me order a new desktop online. When everything arrived he was very prompt in getting everything coordinated and working. He was very patient with us and answered all questions. We are extremely happy with and confident with ZC. A 10 out of 10!!!!

– J C West Hartford, CT

I can’t begin to tell you the relief I felt when my computer had a virus and We Care Computers sent a service person who was knowledgeable and pleasant. The bottom line is the problem was solved and my computer is up and running!

– J C (New Haven, CT)

Just wanted to thank you for saving our data and our computer (we thought we had to buy a new one altogether)!  Jeff was very polite, courteous, and helpful.  I will highly recommend you to anyone!

– J L (East Hampton, CT)

Thank you so much! You guys were wonderful to work with! The price was reasonable and the job was done so quickly! I also appreciated the updates throughout the data recovery process. Great service!

– A S (New Haven, CT)

I’ve been using your service for years and would not use anyone else! The last service call to my home was as usual: professional,informative,well-mannered and he helped me load photos for an ad that I could not handle. I also appreciate some of the advice you have given me on the phone without making a house call. Thanks again for being so dependable.

– LC (Berlin, CT)

Your service is always outstanding. I was very grateful that you were able to check my computer out and fix the problem so quickly. You and Tahl have earned my full and complete trust in handling all of my computer needs. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else and I recommend you most highly all the time to anyone I meet who needs help with their computers. And as you may expect when it comes to word of mouth, I am your best advertisement because I like to talk and can be quite persuasive – especially when I am a happy customer!

– C B (West Hartford, CT)

While “your specialist” was extremely professional and his expertise obvious, he was also quite personable, took time to talk through the computer issues, and was a very good listener.

We are thrilled that “our friends” recommended your services to us.  We in turn will recommend you – and Joe – to our friends who need advice and computer services.

– N S (Simsbury, CT)

This is the first time that we needed to get outside computer help.  Your guy … is TERRIFIC!

Sometimes you get a computer geek who doesn’t stop talking technical jargon and you end up thinking to yourself will this guy ever stop because I don’t know what he’s talking about and I don’t care.  BUT … was perfect.  He has a great personality and the ability to figure out the type of customer he is dealing with.  He knew at once what we were capable of understanding and quite honestly just went about his job and did it well.

Also, your company, and it’s ability to get us some assistance on a Friday afternoon was remarkable.  If there is any opportunity for me to recommend your services trust me your name will be close to my heart …

Again, …was outstanding, well experienced, efficient, and timely.  Not only that but he got everything done right!

Thanks for giving me a chance to let you know how we all feel about your company and …

– B B (Bloomfield, CT)

Thank you so much for all of your time and help. My computer is running better than ever and I am so thankful to you. I truly appreciate all of your efforts. It is faster than ever and functioning beautifully. Thank you again for all of your work and patience.

– S B (West Hartford, CT)

I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience with your company and wouldn\’t hesitate to recommend your company to any of my friends. Your specialist did an excellent job in all respects and I want to extend sincere thanks for his his help, expertise and clear communication in resolving my issues.

– J J (Tolland, CT)

My wife and I were at our wits end with the problems and the speed of our computer. After Mark was finished it was just like it was when we bought it five years ago. Thanks for a job well done!

– J P (North Granby, CT)

You are all wonderful and professional and seriously very nice

– G L (Barkhamsted, C)

Thanks Avi………..I guess it’s more than just a name, you really do care!

– J R Wallingford

Joe came by today and installed the Ram…By the way he is very nice, personable and professional.
We would recommend We Care Computers to our friends and family.

– L P (West Hartford)

Mark was excellent, and this was a great decision – thanks for helping me with everything.

I feel like I’m in the new age. My computer is so quiet – when I come in here, I can’t even tell it’s on….

I appreciate your great work and expertise –

Thanks again.

I’ll be calling you again for my backup system….that’s something I’ll need too.

– D C

Thanks for asking my opinion…most places don’t…

Mark was wonderfully helpful and had great ideas as to how we can upgrade/improve our system, yet he was totally committed to fixing our present problem.

I felt so confident in his help and advice and he fixed our computer!!!  Yay!

– D C

You really exceeded our expectation this time. And helped us to keep the cost down by using regular shipping which fit into out budget and time frame.

A*** is very happy to have her laptop back and functioning.

We will and have gladly recommended you to friends and associates.

– D C

you guys are great.-

– J J

Tom did his usual great job…and we have recommended you to our neighbor…

– S S

Tom is always excellent – Don’t know what I’d do without his help.

– L K

I am very impressed with your company. Your people listened, learned about our systems, and solved our problems. Even on short notice, an unforseen emergency was taken care of sooner than promised. No one can ask for more than that. I regret not finding you sooner.

– A G

Mark was a delightful representative and very knowledgeable about the “whole” package. He explained everything and encouraged us to call for an appointment for instructions (which) we will do after tax season.

– B H

Just wanted to let you know that Mark M. did an excellent job solving my computer/printer/network issues.  He was professional and took the time to explain things and made sure the job was done right.  He lived up to your company name – “We Care Computers,”  you guys really do care!

Thank you!

– J A

Thank you to you and your staff for all you do for me.  I appreciate it more than words can say.

Thank you and Happy New Year.
– G L


Tom just stopped by to set me back up.  Thanks so much for the prompt service.

You guys are the best!

– B R

A lighting strike near my home fried every aspect of my computer system (excluding my fishnet of a surge protector). I run a business out of my house.  The We Care team had me up, running and better protected within two and a half hours…On a Saturday afternoon!

Can’t thank or recommend them highly enough.

– R C (Collinsville, CT)

Thank you for the quick service.  I will put the check in the mail by the end of the week.
The young man you sent was very good.  He really knew his work.  Thanks again.

– travelwithmarion

Avi – We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your excellent customer service and smooth transition to the new computers in our office.  We couldn’t be happier!  We are all impressed how quick, easy and painless you made the transition.  Thank you!  If you ever need a business reference you can call us.

– Kim Cyr (Law Offices of J. William Gagne, Jr. & Associates, P.C.)

Perfect, that’s what I thought, too. I’ll call if I need you.  I think all will be setting up a wireless network for the EMR.  I will certainly let you know if there are issues.  There’s really no one else beside you that I trust 100%.


Thanks for your excellent work on my computer. Its running great and is “blistering” fast. If I ever need additional help I’ll give you a call. I look forward to seeing you at another chamber lunch someday.


Thanks Avi!  Can’t wait to see my husband’s reaction when he realizes he’s connected to the world so easily!

– Cindy

Dear Avi,

Thank you for your hard work in straightening out our computer mess.  You made nagging little problems that haunted our whole office go away.  Your straight approach with different options and the potential costs and benefits makes complicated computer decisions that we all have go much easier.

Avi cleaned up the brilliancy of a previous vendor who had basically finished the job but had some little bugs.

When we had nagging issues after the fact that vendor chose not to finish and clean up the little aggravations we were having as they were already paid.    Items that become important to business owners like adequate backup and protection from all the diseases are part of the normal subject matter that Avi has fixed as well as his attention to our network and the individual components of the workgroup.

Yours truly,
Paul Himmelstein CLU, ChFC (Himmelstein & Associates)