What is a Back and Whack

Many times a computer is so infected or so ‘corrupt’, that the best or only thing to do is what we call a ‘Back and Whack’. In short, this means we backup your data, and then reinstall Windows from scratch leaving the computer in a clean fresh state.

The ‘Back’ part of this phrase stands for backup. This means the 1st step is that we backup all of your data to another computer. Your data are items like your documents, your pictures, your music and your movies. Data does not include programs or program settings. So for example we can backup your Microsoft Word documents, but not the Microsoft Word program. We can back up your music itself but not whatever program you use to play the music, like iTunes. All programs would need to be reinstalled. You will need to have access to the proper installation media (discs or downloads) and license information for any ‘pay for’ programs like Microsoft Office, Quicken, Antivirus software etc.

The ‘Whack’ part of the process means that we wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Windows from scratch. This means that when you boot up your computer again, Windows will not ‘appear’ the same. Your desktop wallpaper will be different, none of the programs you had previously installed will be there, and your desktop icons will not be there.

We then bring back your data and restore it to a folder on the desktop. At this point you can either choose to reinstall programs yourself or setup an appointment to have us come out and do this for you. In addition, we can also come out and help move your data around to places on the computer that makes more sense to you. This last process is not done in the office and can only be performed onsite.