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Summer Storms and Power Outages: Are you Ready?

Avi Smith Rapaport, President, We Care ComputersWonderful summer weather is here – but that also means the occasional thunderstorm and  lightning.

While the chance of lightning striking your home is fairly low, the chance that it will affect the power in your home/neighborhood is VERY high.  Just think about how often you have to reset clocks and other appliances after a thunderstorm!

Power outages and power surges associated with lightning can destroy the files stored on your computer.  In severe cases, which are more common than you might think, lightning and power surges can even damage your computer’s hardware.

It’s easy to prevent, but very difficult to repair the damage once it’s done. The best solution is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Enjoy the summer!

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This Is NOT a Real Surge Protector

Power Strips do not offer real surge protectionEven though people call these power strips “surge protectors”, they don’t provide much surge protection at all.

They are really just extension cords, and nearly all of their “surge protection” capability is lost the first or second time you experience a summer power outage.

If this is how your computer is connected to your electricity – your personal and work files are NOT safe from power outages, lightning, and electrical surges. And these are all common events in summer storms.

If you really want to protect your computer, your valuable work and personal files, you need to get…
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

UPS Surge Protector and Power SupplyProper preparation for storms and outages means securing your computer’s access to electricity with an Uninterruptible Power Supply unit (“UPS”).

A UPS protects your computer from sudden loss of power by using it’s built-in battery.  You can even program the UPS to properly shut down your PC if the power goes out for more than a few minutes.  Plus, all UPSs also have robust surge protection which provides additional safety for your computer when the power is restored.

Remember – even a small power outage (10 seconds or a minute) can significantly damage your computer!

UPSs are significantly less expensive than PC repair. A UPS sufficient for a single desktop system is available from We Care Computers for $75. Larger units for servers and high-end workstations are also available.

Call or email to learn more or order the summer storm protection you need for your computer!


Don’t let summer storms turn your computer into a mailbox!

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Enjoy the summer –  The Team at We Care Computers

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