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I.E. Alert! – Windows XP News – Best of Hartford Results  Avi Smith Rapaport, We Care Computers

We Care Computers just got the official news – we were once again voted the “BEST OF HARTFORD 2014 – COMPUTER REPAIR” by the Advocate/CT NOW Readers Poll. That’s 3 years in a row!

You may view the WCC results story here, and if you want to see all of the Professional Services winners, click here.

I just want to take a minute and say thank you to our WCC 2014 team for providing the great service which helped us win the award.

And then I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the people who voted for us. Please scroll down to see our Thank You card.

We’ve also got a couple of alerts for people using Internet Explorer and/or Windows XP.  Action steps ARE recommended for your online safety so PLEASE take a minute to protect yourself from possible cyber or identity theft.

For businesses and residential computer users, we’ve got a great opportunity to back up your valuable computer information to “The Cloud”.

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Best of Hartford - 2012 - 2013 - 2014

Internet Explorer and Windows XP Alert!  Protect Your Computer!

Microsoft No Longer Supports XP, Office 2003As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft discontinued support of the popular operating system – Windows XP.  That means no automatic updates, no fixes, and no patches.  Most important – No Security Updates.

Should you upgrade to a newer system?  We would recommend you do, but that’s up to you.   Please call or email us if you need help and we’ll explain the best options.

About two weeks ago, Microsoft announced a very serious problem with their popular web browser, Internet Explorer.  This is the program many people use to connect to the Internet, and the way most hackers can get into your computer and do bad things to it.  And you.  Like steal your identity.

The situation was so bad Microsoft recommended people switch to other types of FREE web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

If you have ANY version of Windows, that is a serious warning and we recommend you switch. We use Firefox and Chrome at WCC and hope you will do the same.

Later that week, Microsoft announced it had created a patch for the problem (one more patch in a long, long string of patches) that “fixed” the problem.  But if you have Windows XP, you don’t get the patch or the fix.

REPEAT:  But if you have Windows XP, you don’t get the patch or the fix.

Your computer IS AT SIGNIFICANT RISK of getting hacked. Please upgrade to a newer version of Windows or change your browser, or both!

For your own protection, if you use Windows XP, PLEASE switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google ChromeBoth are free.  Just follow the link to download one of them or give us a call and we’ll help upgrade you to a newer version of Windows.

BUSINESS & RESIDENTIAL: Back Up Your Data to “The Cloud” – And Save 25%

Cloud Data Back-Up For home or business users, the BEST WAY to ensure that your valuable computer files, photos, and information is stored securely is to automatically back them up to “the cloud”.

The Cloud is actually a physical, secure place!  Companies create Cloud Storage Facilities where thousands of servers are securely connected to the internet.

At certain times (you get to choose hourly, daily, weekly, etc.), your computer(s) connect to the cloud and a secure transfer of files is done.  So your data is saved in a secure location no matter what happens to your computer or laptop.

This is one of the hottest services offered by We Care Computers, and it is affordable for both business and home users.  For a very short time, we will be offering an introductory savings of 25%.  Please call or email us for more information and we’ll explain how easy it is to get started, and how fast we can start protecting your valuable photos and records.

Parting Shot: THANK YOU From We Care Computers

Sam, Avi, and Maxx Smith Rapaport

(pictured, Sam, Avi, and Maxx Smith Rapaport at the Best of Hartford Awards – Photo Shoot)

From Avi, Erica, Samm, and Maxx Smith Rapaport,
and the entire team at We Care Computers:


for voting for us as the Best Computer Repair company
in Greater Hartford.

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